MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan
MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan
MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan
MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan
MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan
MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan

MINDWYRM + The Wild Plan

2012 Artists in Residence

Hailing from the mean streets of Minneapolis, MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan (Ben Gansky) will share their distinctive and anarchic brand of theatre at RECESS on September 19th. Derived from the form of autotheatre (user-generated performance), MYNDWYRM + The Wild Plan’s work creates a framework for participants to activate the city as a site of creative resistance, to experience the pedestrian as sublime, and to discover within themselves the revolution.

Note: You won’t be a part of an audience. You don’t get to come see these performances. These performances exist only as long as you perform them, and exclusively for the performers/participants. To schedule a performance, email with specifics about which piece(s) you’d like to perform and when.

Sad Portland : an existential adventure game

A collection of games and tasks laid out on the city streets, prompting a navigation of space without determining a destination. You can spend as long as you want in Sad Portland, but you're never going to find the answer. Solo.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

A kissing booth: a performance for two.


A piece for two.

Untitled (Locked in a Bathroom)

A site-specific exploration of a specific site.

National Psychogeographic

A solo journey through RECESS' neighborhood. Combining chance, memory, and text, National Psychogeographic explores and obscures the linear urban grid. Requires a bike. Solo.

Phone(:) a Friend

With the threshold of “friendship” at an all-time low thanks to social media and other technologies, a chance to qualitatively--rather than quantitatively--engage with the contacts we’ve accumulated. Solo.

Press Release (PDF)

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 12:00PM – 7:00PM
@ RECESS / 1127 SE 10th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214