ANSI: Commons Course Strategy

ANSI: Common Course Strategy

Academy for the New Social Imagination (ANSI) is an ad-hoc pedagogical experiment that mobilizes the surplus of creative research in the Portland region. ANSI brings together artists and civic-minded scholars of all sorts under a shared platform of free courses, workshops, screenings, and other events. Each instance of ANSI will focus on curricula that seeks to implore social issues through a critical and reactive lens. ANSI privileges responsive and affective research in the form of artistic works and innovative social actions in the public sphere. Irrespective of the structure or the specific curricula and materials that shape it, all manifestations of ANSI promote active thinking, improvisation, and collective action.

The first instantiation of ANSI is a continuation of self-organized free course, The Commons, The Sacred, and the Public Domain (Commons Course). The course has been structured on curriculum developed by its attendees on a rolling basis. In early iterations of the course, we spent time reflecting on our interests and what brought us together. Major themes such as sacred geographies, intellectual property and copyright, and tactical urbanism emerged as we found common threads.

This model has served the group well, but now it is time to look back to see how to move forward. It is also time to hear from new folks with their own set of research interests and skills. Are you curious about the intersection of social action and theory? Have you been to the course and you want to share what you appreciated? Do you have your own ideas about alternative pedagogy? Do you want to carve out your own space to learn with others? Let's talk about possibilities for the continuation of this course and others. Join us next Tuesday, November 19th at 7:00 PM for a brainstorming and planning meeting.

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