Work Force Screenings presents


2014, 55 minutes

A couple weeks ago we screened "An Injury to One" which shed some light on the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and their struggles in the auto plants of Detroit in the late 60s. The film also showcased the tactics they employed and some of their minor successes. On March 9th, we'll be screening a documentary that looks at a contemporary struggle a little farther away than Detroit by one of those very companies. From Wikipedia, "ASOTRECOL is a group of 68 current and former workers at GM Colmotores, GM's Colombian subsidiary, which formed on May 19, 2011. ASOTRECOL set up a shelter in front of the U.S. Embassy in Colombia's capital, Bogotá, on August 2, 2011. After a year of peaceful protest, several members sewed their mouths closed and initiated a hunger strike on August 1, 2012. The association's members were fired by GM after they incurred injuries while working at its Bogotá plant and received no medical benefits or severance. They are seeking a solution with GM Colmotores that would include compensation for medical costs and reintegration into GM's workforce."

People across the North American continent have been fasting in solidarity with the struggle of ASOTRECOL. This film documents their struggle and was produced by VENISPA out of London, England.

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Work Force Screenings (WFS) is a series of documentary films focusing on labor struggles of the past that will inform organizing of today. WFS hopes to use film to connect all those who fight for safer workplaces, humane working conditions, and a more lively and cohesive political organ.

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