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Finally Got the News

Finally Got the News (1970, 56 minutes) was produced by the League of Revolutionary Black Workers in late 1960s Detroit to document their struggles and organizing tactics. The League of Revolutionary Black Workers was a grassroots Marxist labour movement that united a number of Revolutionary Union Movements (RUM)s fighting against the racism and corruption of the UAW in favor of better working conditions and a better life for working-class people of all colors.

The League's and ideology stands in contrast to their contemporaries, the Black Panther Party, for their emphasis on bottom-up mobilizing. Fervently against individualism and celebrity, they preferred to spread their message in print and face-to-face. John Watson, editor of Inner City Voice and later The South End, saw things differently. For him it was important to spread their revolutionary message through poetry, art, and film. He founded Black Star Productions to make Finally Got the News and other works. He toured Italy, Sweden, and other places abroad, screening and selling this documentary. The film, and many other of the League's productions, do not put a name to those involved seeing the message as more important than any single individual.

Sunday, February 23, 2014
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