Work Force Screenings presents

Harlan County, USA

1976, 103 minutes

Barbara Kopple's groundbreaking documentary chronicles Kentucky mine workers in the early 70's. This gripping portrayal follows one of the most powerful union struggles in American history.

In 1973, the workers of the Eastover Mining Company voted to join the UWA. Their company refused to sign a standard union contract, and in June of that year the miners began a year long strike that involved many bloody clashes with scabs and police. Kopple and her crew, in fact, held up cameras even when out of film in the hopes that their presence would reduce violent outbreaks.


Work Force Screenings (WFS) is a series of documentary films focusing on labor struggles of the past that will inform organizing of today. WFS hopes to use film to connect all those who fight for safer workplaces, humane working conditions, and a more lively and cohesive political organ.

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