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Byron Peters


Composition Gallery

NW 6th AVE & NW Everett ST, Storefront #102

Portland, OR 97209


Video works on display 24/7

As part of our Moving Out series, RECESS will guest curate Composition Gallery’s downtown storefront window from May through July. Here, we will present Seeing It Through, a rotating selection of video works from west coast artists. Seeing It Through will go live with a party on the night of May 7th.




Monodramas was made collaboratively by thirty-seven people who are attempting to refuse conditions and economics of low-paid, technologically networked-work. Written and co-produced by their characters (organizers, dancing children, and striking post-production workers), the Monodramas act simultaneously as documentary and science fiction, and depict an emerging struggle for new social formations against stratified, measured and monetized existences.


In addition to this linear presentation, the Monodramas (which borrow their name from Stan Douglas’ 1991 production of short videos that aired within commercial time slots on Canadian broadcast television) regularly stream as online commercial content in a variety of forms.


Byron Peters is an artist, writer and organizer from Vancouver, BC. He currently teaches mathematics in Whitechapel, London.



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