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Movement Studies

Composition Gallery

NW 6th AVE & NW Everett ST, Storefront #102

Portland, OR 97209


Video works on display 24/7

As part of our Moving Out series, RECESS is guest curating the downtown storefront window at Composition Gallery from May through July. The latest installment, Movement Studies, is a selection of videos sourced from YouTube.

Often mobility is understood as a progressive, upwards motion. To possess mobility is to have a sense of agency over one’s status or position. Never truly contained within the individual, this mobility is continuously negotiated in relation to persons and institutions, every motion met with a counter-motion. Sometimes, when walking through a city, it feels as though the landscape is nothing more than the infrastructure of finance. This architecture extends out of urban centers in the form of railways, roads, and shipping routes. Air moving is not a breeze, but a tangible flow of capital that is indistinguishable from the real thing. These transnational flows condense in conflict zones and natural disasters, triggering the movement of people, but they also govern more quietly the formation and dissolution of communities of workers according to the machinations of the market.


Would you eat that if someone paid you a thousand dollars? Would you leave if you could no longer afford to live here? Materializing as a breeze or an eviction notice, money disallows choice. Agency takes on a different character in these entanglements, whose basic untenability seems to be reaching a fever pitch.


Movement Studies is a meditation on the themes of the broader Moving Out series. Our point of departure is the state of displacement and instability that increasingly shapes contemporary anxieties and practices, particularly salient in the figure of the contemporary artist. Movement Studies attempts to trace these formations through an associative meditation on the moods and modes of existence they foster in the persons inhabiting them. The theme of movement is taken up in a broader sense to bring together a selection of videos addressing housing instability, luxury, flight, technological pornography, accelerationism, human and animal migration, and inertia.




After losing our headquarters in 2014, RECESS began to explore the effects of rising rental and real estate costs on arts workers in major cities along the West Coast of US and Canada, as well as how the resulting nomadic lifestyles and dispersed communities shape artistic production.


With Moving Out, we intend to foster a new sense of regional identity by showcasing artists and projects that respond to these conditions both directly and indirectly. We also hope to build a model for what a curatorial program might look like in times of growing economic precarity and a lack of fixed resources.



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