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Steve Kado

A Good Place to Live: Talking Summary


Wednesday, June 29, 2015, 7 - 8:30 pm


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Steve Kado's "A Good Place To Live" is an effort to transplant the central issue of classical philosophy, the goal of understanding what would in both material and ethical terms constitute "a good life", to our current economic and social condition. The results have been various, and with "A Good Place To Live: Talking Summary" Steve attempts to account for how he spent these last years, how (and if) any conclusions have been arrived at, what (if anything) there is to show for all that effort. The project's larval stage consisted of three years where Steve lived between countries, traveling to show or make work and cat sitting. He has also made luggage for use as totem, avatar, sacrifice and convenient travel accessory.




Steve Kado’s presentations, publications, bookworks and installations have been featured in many venues world-wide such as Tate Britain, The Wattis, The Statens Museum for Kunst, University of Southern California, Otras Obras, Double Double Land, The Department of Safety, Printed Matter, castillo/corrales, Gambia Castle and Michael Strogoff. For three years he has co-hosted “The Talking Show” with Nicolas Miller, a show consecrated to talking in/as visual art on Los Angeles-based KCHUNG radio. At the moment he is actively collaborating with Keith Rocka Knittel on an ongoing series of exhibitions titled 1992 Toyota Corolla (BLACK). He is also the editor-at-large for Prism of Reality a Los Angeles-based arts journal.


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