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Modern Apartment in Alphabet District

Will Elder

Steve Kado

Rebecca Peel

Friday, July 31, 2015, 3-7 pm


In conjunction with Modern Apartment in Alphabet District, Steve Kado will deliver his presentation A Good Place to Live: Talking Summary on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

RECESS is pleased to present Modern Apartment in Alphabet District, the second installment of a series of one-night-only group exhibitions in rented Airbnb locations. The artists included in Modern Apartment in Alphabet District wedge open the windows of RECESS’s borrowed domestic space so that extra subjects and new materials can get in through the cracks. Interventions, both architectural and sentimental, agitate the uncanny viscosity of our unknown host’s personal brand. In order to appeal to potential guests, Airbnb listings testify to their unique personality and homespun interiors. On Airbnb, a place to crash becomes a home with no owner, let loose into the rental marketplace before previous residents’ personal touches can be scrubbed away. The Airbnb listing acts up just as Marx’s horrifying table that, after becoming a commodity, “stands on its head, evolving out of its wooden brain grotesque ideas, far more wonderful than ‘table-turning’ ever was.” Like a technologically advanced house that comes sentient only to terrify its dwellers, Airbnb listings are loaded with a surfeit of personality that might unease even the soundest of sleepers. However, the eerie conjunction of curiosity and excitement induced by staying in some foreign home is tempered by an economic transaction that is comfortably concrete.




Will Elder (1989) is a visual artist and curator based in Portland, Oregon. Elder curates printed matter and artist projects for HQ Objective, and previously helmed “Austerity Measures” (Littman Gallery, 2014) and “You’re Getting Warmer” (Composition, 2015). He assisted with TBA:13 Festival and the Resource Room at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art; the Open Engagement 2013 social practice conference; and was guest art critic at The Portland Mercury. His sculpture, text, performance and installation art has shown solo and in group exhibitions with Central (Peripheral to What?, 2015), Rocksbox (C.O.P.S. Session 3, 2014), Recess (Concept, 2014), Portland Art Museum (Shine A Light, 2014), PLACE (Maybe, 2013), Pacific Northwest College of Art (Fill in the _, 2013) and Milepost 5 (Fertile Ground Festival, 2013). Elder recently earned his BFA from Portland State University and is exhibiting new work there in September in collaboration with Trimet and the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. He will also present a solo exhibition of Portland artist Taryn Tomasello’s work in October, 2015.Portland.


Steve Kado’s presentations, publications, bookworks and installations have been featured in many venues world-wide such as Tate Britain, The Wattis, The Statens Museum for Kunst, University of Southern California, Otras Obras, Double Double Land, The Department of Safety, Printed Matter, castillo/corrales, Gambia Castle and Michael Strogoff. For three years he has co-hosted “The Talking Show” with Nicolas Miller, a show consecrated to talking in/as visual art on Los Angeles-based KCHUNG radio. At the moment he is actively collaborating with Keith Rocka Knittel on an ongoing series of exhibitions titled 1992 Toyota Corolla (BLACK). He is also the editor-at-large for Prism of Reality a Los Angeles-based arts journal.


Rebecca Peel is an artist, writer, and curator living between Portland, OR and New York, NY. She received her BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2013.  Rebecca founded Amur Initiatives Media and Research Group in 2013, and has most recently exhibited her personal work in Portland, Toronto, Columbus, and New York City. Upcoming exhibitions include a window show with American Medium in Brooklyn, a group exhibition with Group Club Association in Brooklyn, and a collaborative exhibition with John Knight at the Littman Gallery in Portland. She has published pieces of writing in various independent publications, and will be completing a collection of her own written works within the year.


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